Welcome to the Jaguar Path
A Yoga Alliance Certified School

Our mission is to help sustain and share the ways of the Quero and the Shamans of Peru and through our trainings create powerful healers and extraordinary yoga instructors. With a direct connection to the elders, we offer the teaching that the Incan shamans have offered for hundreds of years. With direct experience of this power, we offer grounded trainings in shamanic healing practices and create yoga instructors who see more in each individual’s postures and can heal through offering adjustments and alignment. We create a safe space in which all participants are held in acceptance, admiration and respect. The tribe created offers a safe space for allies to hold each other in this profound spiritual and physical healing and growth. 

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Ray’s land
“Shaman’s Camp” – Honoring the Feminine
August 26-27, 2017
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For all participants a $200 Credit towards the 9-month training 

This weekend we will explore the feminine and come to offer gratitude to mother earth through our practices. We will hike through the forest next to my land and learn how to find tracks of animals as well as how we can track information in someone’s luminous sphere.

Jaguar Yoga

September 29- October 1, 2017
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 In this workshop, you will learn the foundation of the meridians and emotions. You will learn how in each posture open one- two or set of meridians to release old trauma from the body and to allow for new space in our nervous system for new ways of being. You will be able to choose a practice depending on the emotions you are experiencing and find ways through postures to manage and balance your emotions. 


KYTA – Kripalu Yoga Teacher Association
October 6, 2017  1:15-3:45
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Yogis and shamans alike understand that traumatic experiences are stored in the body. In this workshop, we will explore a Vinyasa Yoga practice along with shamanic principals. Through shamanic eyes, we will see how yoga practice assists the somatic release of stagnated energies and how using shamanic techniques for freeing energy, accelerates our yoga practice and brings us in a deeper level of healing.

The Jaguar Path studies offer

  • A 9-month training in Yoga and Shamanism
  • A sacred journey to Peru May 1-11, 2018
  • Yoga & Sailing in the Caribbean
  • The 7 Foundations
  • A weeklong Yoga Immersion in Puerto Rico
  • 200 Hour Jaguar-Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program