Jaguar Path Travels are immersions focused on learning how to live life fully!



PERU – Land of the Shamans

Annually in May ~ Week-long immersion (click for more info)

Peru, land of the shamans takes you directly into the heart of Peruvian shamanism offering you the rare opportunity to participate in Incan ceremonies lead by Q’ero Shamans at ancient power sites.

shamans of hte jungle jaguar path

 Amazon Jungle

Annually in May ~ four-day immersion (click for more info)

The descent into the magical Amazon Jungle allows you to deeply connect with mother earth. Daily jungle hikes and trips down the “Madre de Dios” river where local guides will help you learn about the abundant jungle.

 Puerto Rico

Yoga Teacher Training Teacher Training

Annually in February (click for more info)

Content and Overview
In this weeklong course, you will learn the foundations of Yoga as a philosophy and a science along with the elements that make Jaguar Path yoga unique.  You will study yogic philosophy, pranayama, meditation, chanting, meridians, Sanskrit terminology, posture sequencing, the eight limbs of yoga, marketing your classes, ethics and more.  To complete your 200 RYT 9 weekends of the Jaguar Path training must be completed along with the weeklong immersion.



Sailing in the Caribbean


Sail away and escape to nurture your body in the soothing waters of the Caribbean. Dynamic morning yoga sessions (optional) will inspire your practice and prepare you for breathing in the beauty of each day as we sail around the British Virgin Islands.  These week long sailing trips are exclusive. Book a 2, 3 or 4 cabin boat depending on the size or your group. Minimum 4 people (2 double cabins) max 8 people (4 double cabins)