Our mission is to offer deep and essential trainings in yoga and shamanism. As a Yoga Alliance Certified school we offer a 200hour Yoga teacher training focusing on meridians and the energy body. As a school of shamanism we offer over 20 shamanic tools from two lineages. the Q’ero from the high mountains and the Jaguar from the Sacred Valley.

We hope to help sustain the Andean traditions and offer educational travel and coherent trainings in order to create exeptional yoga teachers, empowered healers and liberated individuals who walk with self confidence and compassion.

The Jaguar Path studies focus on the mechanisms behind the “magic” and on how to apply these “magic tools” to enhance one’s perception and heal others. It is designed for evolutionary individuals, therapists, healers and yoga teachers.

The Jaguar Path Travels focus on learning how to live life fully! The journey to Peru are a dive into the magic of the land. Working with the local shamans allows for a direct experience with this ancient lineage. The yoga and sailing trips are dedicated in taking life in fully and relaxing deeply into the element of water.

“An extraordinary life-changing workshop!
Ray reveals the threads that connect these two ancient healing arts and weaves them in a truly masterful way.Ray’s teachings bring forth compassion and grace.”
Alberto Villoldo PhD, author of Shaman, Healer, Sage

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