Jaguar Path Training adds New Classes on Moving Energy

Lenox, MA – October 15th 2015

The Jaguar Path in Lenox, MA is opening its doors for the eighth consecutive year to offer a 9-weekend training in Yoga and Shamanism. This may seem like an unusual combination of topics and is in fact the only training currently available that integrates these two ancient paths to self-improvement and healing.

Ray Crist, founder of the Jaguar Path, explains, “Yoga and shamanism are both technologies. Each was created to help us let go of unhelpful repetitious behavioral patterns and create new neuro-pathways to assist us in moving forward. Introducing shamanic techniques into yoga practice accelerates our evolution and increases personal power.”

Crist began exploring the intersection and overlap of yoga and shamanism in 2002 when he was diagnosed with life threatening cancer. After leaving his home in Athens, Greece he traveled the world to find healers. Discovering a second home in Peru he began apprenticing with shamans from three distinct lineages, a Q’ero, a currandero/sorcerer and an ayahuascero. The teachings and experience he received during these trainings forms the core of the Jaguar Path 9-weekend training.

Meeting one weekend a month in the Shakespeare and Co campus the Jaguar Path training offers participants deep yoga practice, the giving and receiving of shamanic healing work and membership in a strong tribe of individuals seeking personal evolution. After a Jaguar Path weekend workshop Lara Conry and licensed massage therapist (LMT, Lenox, MA) said, “I am still as astounded and humbled by the tremendously positive effects I have been receiving from the past Jaguar weekend. I feel so happy – ecstatic at times – coupled with peacefulness and a distinct lack of anxiety that in the past lurked around every corner of my mind. A profound ok-ness is beginning to feel like the new substrate of my being”.

This year, for the first time, the Jaguar Path will offer 2-hour mini-workshops for people in the local area to experience the Jaguar Path teachings on the Friday evenings before each training weekend. These workshops will be themed yoga practice along with lecture. We will take a dive into understanding how yoga postures can help specific emotions and balance our energy body.

Since his recovery from cancer Crist has been training yoga teachers, energy healers and others in the US to use shamanic tools. He has been teaching yoga classes and workshops at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health (Lenox, MA) since 2005 and runs yoga trainings and yoga and sailing trips in the Caribbean and Greece. For more information visit

The dates of the Jaguar Path trainings are 10/24-25/15; 11/21-22/15; 12/19-20/15; 1/30-31/16; 2/27-28/16; 3/26-27/16; 4/23-24/16; 5/21-22/16; 6/11-12/16



Ancient Incan Shamanic Tools Revealed to Modern Yogis

Lenox, MA – March 3rd 2016

A group of Western yoga practitioners are packing their mats, heading across the equator and 9,000ft up into the Andes to receive direct training in ancient shamanism as used by the Inca. The Q’ero people of southern Peru are direct descendants of the Inca who fled from the Conquistadores high into the mountains 500 years ago. Remaining isolated from the rest of Peru and the Americas until 1955 the Q’ero continued to live and breathe their traditional language (Quechua), lifestyle, religion and healing practices. The Q’ero medicine men and women“Paqos”, are traditionally charged with keeping their beliefs and practices alive. The Paqos are considered the spokespeople of the Earth and offer ceremonies to give thanks to Pachamama (universe mother).

Why are modern American yogis interested in Incan shamanism? Ray Crist, founder of the Jaguar Path, explains, “Yoga and shamanism are both technologies. Each was created by humans, for humans, to help us break though and let go of repetitious behavioral patterns that hold us back in life. Introducing shamanic techniques into our yoga practice accelerates our evolution and increases personal power. These practices allow us to expand into new ways of being, physically, mentally and spiritually”. Crist created the Jaguar Path in 2007 to explore the intersection of yoga and shamanism and credits both for his recovery from life threatening cancer.

Since his recovery Crist has been training yoga teachers in the US to use shamanic tools he learned directly from the Q’ero through an innovative 9-month training program in the Berkshires that Alberto Villoldo (author or Shaman, Healer, Sage) called, “An extraordinary life-changing workshop”. Yoga and the Luminous Body”, a graduate of the Jaguar Path training clarifies how the two technologies work together; “Yoga and shamanism are both designed to help us change our perception of the world and ourselves. My yoga practice has given me clarity and the ability to live more fully from my heart, adding the shamanic work Ray teaches allowed me to see how to take this off my mat and offer it directly to everyone I meet”.

Crist brings his teacher Don Sebastian Paucar to Kripalu center for Yoga and Health.

October 2016 Ray Crist and Sebastian Paucar will be once again opening the Jaguar Path “Shaman’s Intensive” training in Peru’s Sacred Valley working directly with the Q’ero Paqos in their own land. Travelers will learn advanced Shamanic techniques including Soul Retrievals, redefining destiny lines, using chuntas for cord cutting, divination and other ancient healing practices. Crist will lead a daily morning Jaguar Yoga practice amongst the mystical Andeans mountains designed to open body and mind to be more receptive to assimilating new knowledge and tap into higher states of consciousness. All participants will be initiated as a “Pampo Mesayoc” by the Q’ero Elder Don Sebastian Flores.