Staff & Guest Teachers

 Maia Bielak
Director of the Jaguar Path 

Maia has been practicing and teaching yoga, bodywork and shamanism for over fifteen years.  Her studies and practices have taken her all over the world and she regularly attends sweat lodge, drumming and other plant spirit medicine ceremonies.  Maia has studied and practiced Cherokee, Lakota, Peruvian and Hawaiian shamanism and has trained with The Jaguar Path.   Her yoga background ranges from Kundalini Yoga, Hatha and Bhakti yoga to Yoga Trance Dance.  She has brought her skills to work for amazing clients like Hazelden Treatment Centers, Kripalu, the American Hospital Association and now The Jaguar Path.


Ali Smith
Director of Jaguar Path Florida

Allison is a dynamic and compassionate teacher. Ali has studies with Ray in the Jaguar Path since 2009 and has traveled to Peru and Greece pursuing her studies and mastering both her healing power and teaching charisma. Ali delivers a clear vinyasa flow from the heart and has deep knowledge of yoga anatomy and alignment. Ali in colaboration with Ray has initiated the Jaguar Path

Bethany Gonyea, MS
Founder of the Albany Peace Project

Bethany is the Founder and Director of Numinous. She is the former Director of Biofeedback of the Albany TMJ & Facial, Biofeedback Therapist and longtime student of the ancient internal martial arts. Her favorite endeavor is working one-on-one teaching people how to use biofeedback and focusing skills to facilitate the demonstration of a Loving Intelligence in their lives by teaching them how to reduce their physical rigidities and release their spirit, which automatically makes their bodies and minds “hum” with exhilaration and zest for life!

 Scott Cork
Founder of the Way of the Wolf
While tracking in the mountains of Peru, The Way of the Wolf came to me in the form of a vision. A way of thinking, something to connect with, something larger than oneself. Wolves are integral to balance in nature. They both preserve life and restore balance to overpopulated areas, often by shape-shifting the behavior in other animals allowing the natural patterns of nature to reestablish itself.

Lee Albert
Founder of “Positional Therapy”
Lee Albert is the author of “Live pain free” He has developed a unique system to deal with painful conditions in the body which are caused by muscle imbalances. He implements his ” positional therapy and teaches how to recognize and correct these imbalances through proper selection of yoga poses can reduce or eliminate many painful conditions. When the body is in balance many conditions such as low back and neck pain, sciatica, knee pain, and other ailments simply melt away.