The Jaguar Path is a coherent training in yoga and shamanism. Sourcing from Peruvian shamanism and yoga, it enables individuals and healers to tap into personal power, to enhance perception, and become energy healers and exceptional yoga teachers.

The Jaguar Path focuses on the mechanism behind the “magic”, and how to use these “magic tools” to empower yourself and heal others. The shamanic understanding of the body and energy fields offer clear insights into the teaching of yoga and clarifies Sanskrit terms making them applicable to the practice on and off the mat. You will gain a deep understanding of the energetic pathways (meridians) in yoga postures in addition to 20 specific shamanic techniques that will empower you and enable you to assist others in their healing process.

Ray has been initiated as an Altomesayoc by the Q’ero elder Don Fransisco Chures. Through his extensive travels and studies in Peru he has worked closely with the shamans of the Andes (Q’ero), the Sacred Valley (Jaguar shamans) and the Amazon Jungle (Ayuwaskero). Ray shares his knowledge in a grounded and accessible way through this 9-month training with weekend sessions that meet once a month. A Yoga Alliance 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification can be accomplished by completing the 9-month training and the one-week intensive Yoga Teacher Training.